The Best Graphic Novels of 2022

I was honored to work on the committee to select School Library Journal’s “Best Graphic Novels of 2022.” It wasn’t easy because there’s a lot of  amazing work out there! Our team read lots of wonderful titles and managed to narrow it down to these 22 books. If you’re still looking for holiday gifts (or shopping for yourself), you will find something good here – for early readers through young adult you’ll find fantasy, non fiction, realistic fiction and more – we have you covered! Learn more about each of these titles on SLJ’s website, and find them at your local bookstore or comic book shop.

Happy holidays!









4 thoughts on “The Best Graphic Novels of 2022

  1. Jen Vetter says:

    What a great list! How many eligible books did you read, individually? How many did the group read? Was 22 the maximum number you could select for the list? Thank you for doing this work!


  2. Helen Murdoch says:

    That sounds like a really fun experience. I hope I see a number of these on the CYBILS finalist list next month. I am particularly intrigued by Victory Stand!


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